Bobby and Amanda Ridge

Ridge Wedding – October 2014

They say every girl dreams of her wedding day. I am not sure if that is true, but it is for me. I always knew what I wanted — to marry the man of my dreams at a simple, sweet, and beautiful ceremony — surrounded by my closest family and friends. When my (then future) in laws purchased the cabin, it was in no shape to be sweet and beautiful, but as cleanup and renovations progressed, so did the visions for my future wedding. As they cleared the brush and brought this cabin back to life, I knew it was the perfect place to marry their son. It was not yet a “venue,” the grass was not yet full and their was no indicated space for a ceremony, but we knew with our vision it would be just what I had hoped for — simple, sweet, and beautiful. My husband and I took our vows in his parents backyard (where the grass was full), surrounded by our closest family and friends. We then invited them to join us at the cabin for our reception. A tent was put up, lights were strung from the trees, yard games were brought out, food was catered and served from the cabin, and we celebrated our marriage in the most perfect way. Our day was flawless from start to finish. I now feel honored to get the chance to share this space with future brides. I hope that you see Bailey’s Place for what it is and if it is the perfect place for your special day, we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Amand Ridge

Our first bride is now helping to manage Bailey’s Place. It holds a very special place in her heart!

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