Kyle and Adriann Thoden

Thoden Wedding — October 2018

How do you follow up a magical Disney proposal, secretly planned and executed in front of your family? Planning your dream wedding can be overwhelming, but when you are surrounded by your family and friends from the moment you say “Yes,” somehow a magical wedding takes shape and your dreams all come true.

Throughout the planning process, Adriann said she would get butterflies just thinking about all the details and how they would come together on their special day. She knew how “effortlessly romantic” the venue was and how easily her own personal wedding style would fit. Planning an October wedding comes with the chance of, well — October weather. Through it was unexpectedly cold, she told that us “everything was perfect. I smile every time I think about it.” One of her favorite memories from the day was after a cold a windy ceremony, the sun broke through the clouds and shined on them, as they walked down the aisle hand in hand, finally as husband and wife. She shared that there were an array of “favorite moments” throughout the day and night but she especially loved the little, intimate moments shared with her family and friends as she got ready. She felt lucky to have everyone that means something to her in the same place to celebrate their special day. From their magical proposal to the day they said “I do” they were surrounded by love and support.

A year later, Kyle and Adriann have bought their first house and have spent a lot of time turning it into their home – a home in which they hope to start and raise a family. We can’t wait to watch their love and family grow. We feel blessed to call them part of our Bailey’s Place family, and our family-family as well! ❤

Adriann 2

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